QS Info Plus - Abbey Stationery

Improving the basic Opencart Information pages for Abbey Stationery

QS Info Plus is the working name for an extension I built for the Opencart based site Abbey Stationery.
Information pages on Opencart have been sadly neglected as a potential content type in my opinion and this extension goes some way to remedy that.
This extension adds three different aspects that vastly improve the functionality of any information page.
* Customisable Meta Data. Title, meta description and meta keywords.
* Featured Images. Allows people to assign an image to each page to be used elsewhere as thumbnails.
* Hierachy. Allows for better site structure and organisation of content.
In the screenshot above you can see the products page from Abbey Stationery.
The Sidebar and the info-cards are both features add via the plugin. The sidebar shows the Hierachy in action and the infocards show the direct children of the products page with their featured images.
In the admin pages below you can see the two different tabs I changed to allow for the input of settings.
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